Time makes a daddy


This blog, even though he doesn’t know it exists is about my baby daddy!

I know every couple is different blar blar and every baby is different blar blar – (I’m blar blar’ing but I do agree with that) but as soon as you get preggo – it’s you and the bean. As much as the guy is involved, it’s your body and it comes everywhere with you.

I named the blog me plus dot- as in the beginning it was. It was just me. Just a girl staring at a pregnancy test ha ha, no it was just a girl who was used to doing everything solo – rocking up at house parties, moving to new cities, travelling the world. Then I was responsible for growing a little bean, from that moment (when I was staring at the pregnancy test) it was you and me…

And even when you arrived we were inseparable. And I don’t mean like Enid Blyton style oh look at those two, they’re inseparable…more like if we weren’t within 2 metres of each other we both suffered separation anxiety.

What happened when you arrived (which I reckon happens across the globe) is Dan looked to me – ‘where are the wipes’ ‘what is she wearing today’ ‘have the packed the bag’  ‘how much of this should I give her’ – and because I had 3 hours sleep I prob would have screamed ‘JUST LOOK FOR THE EFFIN WIPES’. *compose yourself*

But something beautiful has happened to our little family. I don’t know if it’s you turning 3 – but we’ve become a real genuine 3. Your daddy is your parent. He feeds you. He dresses you. He has bought you clothes. He washes your clothes. He nurses your babies and he reads you stories. He is thriving as a daddy and it’s beautiful to see.

What I want him to know is that we are very grateful to have him (I did tell him this but it’s way more monumental when it’s out there to read).

It’s taken us 3 years…but turn the volume up and shake it –  Sister Sledge is playing.


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