You’re 3 (and a bit)

Image result for paw patrol

Nooooooo! Time has fallen through my hands, like small grains of sand. No rhyme intended.

Alas, I returned to the working world where I commute to the city – yes that’s right the city I left to go and live in the green pastures of the Cotswolds – I’ve been on a treadmill.

I haven’t been blogging and I’ve missed it, a creative release. I needed it so much when I was in the mummy bubble and in truth I still need it. To record this weird and wonderful thing we call parenthood.

You’re 3. What an absolute milestone for us both. You are so much more easy to look after and so much more independent. It’s like having a little small adult around (most of the time).

You love:

*Paw patrol – 3 episodes + milk before bed then stories.
*Playing with water – it’s really strange. Tipping and pouring into different vessels (mostly cups) for AGES. (half hour is like a whole afternoon for a 3 year old)
*Jigsaws, drawing and painting.
*Sausages, bananas, pasta (still), ham sandwiches, chocolate.
*Trampolining, swimming, the park, football, cricket, tennis.
*All your family.

You hate:

*Brocolli (still)
*Walking!! – this needs to flip as going anywhere that entails walking means we either have to carry you or we have a painful stand off in public.

Personality: Confident, bright, inquisitive, strong-willed, funny, mature, creative, impatient, sensible, silly, caring and affectionate.

I realise that some of those are contradictions but (in my best philosophical voice) – aren’t we all? I don’t want to pigeon hole you sweetheart as I have been running from mine my whole life but I can see how we as parents, greatly influence you.

Aim: I want to show you how to handle life and how to have the tools to be you without worry of judgement or society making you feel any less than you are. But also raise you to have humility and not be an a**hole. It’s a fine line!!!

I am relaxing into motherhood now, not questioning my every move or frantically googling. So much so I’m considering having another one – am I mad????


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