Cyber memories

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First off – Merry Christmas everyone!!! I think this has to be my best Christmas yet (as an adult) purely because of the little one and things are just…better all round.


So this year, Freya asked Santa for a bike! A red bike! (The colour – to our dismay – kept on changing! But we drilled in red after some time) It was just magical. There was a ribbon attached to the bike that went all the way upstairs so she had to follow it. Her reaction was just priceless.

‘My bike. My special bike from Father Christmas. He has been.’

I have this on video which I have watched many times to see her joy. I think she could have just stopped there but obviously Santa had run around like a headless chicken making sure there was stuff to fill the sack. Ahhh more toys…ahhh plastic tacky stuff…..ahhh more landfill….ahhh the guilt.

The subject for today though that I am struggling with is this. Should we post our memories to cyber space? aka all social media realms.

Opinion A: No, how awful they are private memories that you should keep private and store in your brain. Social media is the devil.

Opinion B: Yes, upload and invite the world to see snippets of your life (so long as they are filtered and your privacy settings are turned on)

Opinion C: Share Share Share we are only on this earth once and Freya has a family album online and ready to download.

The reason I write this is quite simply because I love to take photos and write. To share feels the natural next step especially at the touch of a smart phone button (?)

Also I’ve realised that yes the next statement is massively vain, fickle and probs birthed out of self esteem issues (whatever) but I make more effort if I think I could be papped. Doesn’t everyone? Which as a new mum that forgot about her image – it’s a nice to have a bit more of a reason to care about myself in a weird way. Like, make an effort mate, your daughter who is 2 has better style and confidence. So yes proceed and creatively share yourself.

But, stop!!!!!!


Social media, smartphones and spending effort in a world that doesn’t exist will lead to addiction (checking likes) and isolation (you will no longer be able to have real relationships any more). Go forth live your life in the real world. Walks in nature, family, friends, cooking, holidays, reading, painting. A simple life will bring contentment.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! To share or not to share that is the question.







One thought on “Cyber memories

  1. Memories are memories whatever you chose to do with them. Personally I spend most f my time turning my photos (and other peoples) into fabulous works of art. 😀

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