Be a new age princess

Ok, so, I know this topic of discussion is not by any means ground breaking but it’s a message from me to my future grown up daughter I want her to know.

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The topic is this: Superheroes and Princesses.

The above was actually a party we went to recently, where we had: – Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Storm-troopers, Superman and Thor! There we then about 5 Elsa’s and Ana’s running amongst the heroes. I couldn’t help but feel annoyed – cheated almost. Like feminism had no effect to children’s fancy dress manufacturers???

I don’t want the message to Freya to be let the boys have the action, let them save the world! You will be far too busy with singing snowman and ice castles to contend with worldy issues. I can’t think of one (non-sexy) female heroine: – Cat-woman (pure sex) wonderwoman (hot pants alert) black widow (side character) poison ivy (disturbed villain)…that ginger girl from Brave (haven’t seen it).

I recently saw a TED talk on how there are LOADS of female marvel characters that are heroines (or villains) who are just not known. If they are known, they are side characters or still unfortunately seen as love interests to the main male role. Why is this? Have we not moved on from Disney love stories yet?  Are we still clinging on to the concept of prince charming chopping down thorny beanstalks on his black stead to come and rescue the princess in the tower?

I feel the world is changing and Disney hasn’t caught up. Constantly on social media, ‘millenials’ (I just fit into this bracket) are told: –

*Don’t wait for your prince to rescue you, rescue yourself.
*Be the author of your own life.
*Quote: “Don’t fashion me into the maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon that will eat you whole.” End quote!

To conclude, women are told, be strong, believe in yourself, save yourself and my darling you have the power to save the world too. Why aren’t little girls told this too?!

Alas in the run up to Christmas I see a large fluffy pink cloud approaching. Full of babies, cots, small kitchens, iron boards, peppa pig, princess dress ups, fairy dress ups, tea party sets, ballerinas, butterflies, cupcakes, pink, glitter and sequins!

Now, don’t get me wrong there is well and truly a place for glitter and sparkles…what’s not to love? So pweeettty and mesmerising! But I can’t help feeling like I’m sending Freya on a path of materialistic, superficial, domesticated pink doom.

I know I sound like a total raging feminist but haven’t we forgotten equality??? Make a film Disney that makes little boys ask the question…who would win in a fight superman or XXX? ‘XXX’ would obvs be a female who kicks ass.

And so sweetheart the message of this particularly long blog is: –

Be a new age princess.
Believe in yourself.
Embrace all the elements that make you unique.
Be kind.
Be strong.
Be tough and fight for everything you think is right and just.
You can save the world my girl.

Mummy xxx

p.s Happy Halloween my little witch (Witches are pretty cool – they have super cool special magic powers!)


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