‘Home all day’

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I get it now!!!!

You know when thousands of partners who get up, get dressed, leave the house, go to work and then come home and say the most irritating words known to stay at home parents (I’m not sexist) everywhere…

‘Wow, what happened in here?’

‘Yes, I’ve had a great day thanks darling…oh what is that you are talking about in a passive aggressive way…the mess??? That would be your temperamental, highly strung, strong willed toddler with the attention span of a small puppy.’

‘Alright, calm down, what are we having dinner?’

‘God knows, I didn’t manage to go to the shops’ aka I wanted to avoid going into a shop and being the parent of the insane small person having an extreme meltdown over a packet of Skips.

‘Babe, I’m going to have to go back out, you’ve been home all day.’

Now before, this would always really annoy me as actually I haven’t been home ‘all day’. I try and give our child structure and fresh air and an ‘activity’ which involves bonding time for myself and my daughter: To develop her fragile little mind. Plus, getting her dressed and out of the house is more of a challenge than………..erm………….let’s just say it really really hard. So FU I haven’t been home all day. I’m not the nanny, the cleaner, the chef, the ‘stock replenisher’ and the fat controller! ha ha that isn’t PC anymore is it!

*And relax*

However, recently, whilst being off work and no nursery school, I haven’t had a lot of plans, I wake up and think ‘oh, bugger, no structure to the day – let’s just wing it at home’. Which means we just end up milling about the house. Because of this, you actually get stuff done!!!!


Dan has come home to a clean and tidy house each day. I feel organised. Productive. I’m winning the war on domestic mess. Boom. Meanwhile Freya’s brain rots as she plays with play-doh for the 4th day in a row.


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