Thugs just need their mums

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From my last post, a lot of stuff has ‘gone down’.

I no longer work part-time. I am now, how you say, a full time mum until I come up with an excellent plan to have it all. The career, amazing parent skills, the body – you know it all!!

Enough about me, this is a blog my growing girl/monster. So first off – we’ve bought a new house! It’s awesome. It’s bigger. It’s in the country. It has a garden.

Rewind to 1 month ago where we are in the midst of buying a house. It’s bloody stressful. I’ll just briefly go over the conversation I had with the child psychologist on the phone so that you get where I’m at…

Child psychologist: How can I help?

Me: Well, my child has become particularly scrappy at nursery (what I mean here is completely bat shit crazy – she’s a feral beast that needs solitary confinement) and her nana was called in to sign a form about an ‘incident’ the other day. (The incident being that she nearly gauged some girl’s eye out).

Child psychologist: How old is she?

Me: She’s two and two months. I know this behaviour is very common for her age, however this scrappiness has gone on for a while now and it’s with family members too. Sometimes quite vicious. *continue rambling* she hits if you get in her personal space and sometimes there is this look in her eye that is quite scary like she is intent on hurting. I’m worried that she might have a particularly aggressive nature?

Child psychologist: Is there anything going on at home at the moment if you don’t mind me asking?

Me: Erm well yes, we are in the process of buying a house and tensions are probably quite high at home.

Child psychologist: She is probably picking up on all the tension at home. If you are really concerned keep a diary of all the incidences and in 3 months come back to me if it hasn’t gone away.

Now at the time – I was thinking yeah ok, it does sound classic textbook psychology, but I felt sure that Freya was becoming an angry disturbed little human being and my concerns were being dismissed.

Rewind to 1 month in the new house with happy parents and a mum that is more hands on and pwoof! – the scrappy behaviour has gone. Now, we are all about the cuddles and kisses! Is this coincident? Does it have an affect on her me being home? Does she benefit more from a mum at home?

Which then creates the question which I’m sure most women in the UK ask themselves. Is it better for my child to be a stay at home mum or work?






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