I’m in trouble.


So, I think my two year old is smarter than me. Not like she outwits me because all kids outwit their parents. True fact.

To clarify, I think she is smarter than I ever was. On what basis I hear you say?

Well it’s not exactly what she knows at 2 years old (e.g counting to 20 and can spell her own name) as I’ve google this s*** and there are some other freaky Mensa toddlers roaming the UK so it’s just normal –  it’s more the speed she just ‘gets’ things.

I swear to you now, I never taught her how to hold a pencil and when I first saw her writing and colouring she looks like a 90 year old woman who has done it a thousand times over. I know that I’m not persuading you and that’s a poor example but I say to Dan ‘I think she’s reincarnated, she just knows too much for it to be new’. Obvs I am met with the usually scoffs from Dan about a notion as flowery as ‘reincarnation’.

I know most mums are prone to bragging, but this is more alarming. When she goes to school there will be no stopping her. In years to come she’ll look down on me as the endearingly dizzy (but foolish) mother. She’ll go to her dad for her homework (maths thank god!) and then there will be that moment when now she sees me as her main source of knowledge for this big bad world we live in, and then one day she will stop asking me questions.

That ‘ask mummy’ bubble will pop.

And so with new vigor I will respond with enthusiasm for every small fry question I can answer.

‘Mummy, what noise does a giraffe make?’







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