You’re 2!


You love:

the Gruffalo. I have watched it about 40 times.
your baby ballet (it is really cute) especially bending your knees.
your trampoline and jumping on the bed in general.
talking – you could talk for England – you give me a running commentary of what is going on.
Food – pretty much anything – pasta in particular.
Swimming – nana takes you and you love it.
Hiding – it’s your favourite game.
Hop hop little bunnies is still your favourite song
Watching these weird videos on youtube called un-boxing (it’s odd but strangely addictive)
Your Auntie Char – she is your number 1 favourite no one else gets a look in.

You hate:


Not fussed about:


Now sleeping is in the bag…..potty training is next on the agenda!!! Aahhh!


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