Freya met the fat man!

She cried.

And actually that’s prob not PC and also he actually wasn’t that fat. Not enough mince pies stuffed in his face yet clearly!!! I on the other hand had one in October. Mr Cringle do keep up.

I have to say Christmas ‘stuff’ is a whole new level of information for a small person.
Elf on the shelf (creepy…real creepy)
Christmas carols
A grotto!
Mince pies
A Christmas tree with lights
Small breakable decorations
Chocolate coins
Elf hunt in the neighbourhood
Visiting Santa
Writing a letter to Santa
His reindeers – all of their names?!
Mulled wine…oh wait no that’s just for me!

A non-chocolate advent calendar so that she get’s a ‘gift’ instead — (it’s the 10th, she is yet to receive a present as I have ran out of paper!)

An advent candle (I’m supposed to light until the line denotes one day has past – who does that?)

As so the story goes…

‘Santa is coming on a sleigh – led by reindeers and then he’ll come down our chimney! He’ll eat all of the food that we leave out on a plate and leave presents just for you. Only if you’re a good girl.’


I can see she’s thinking what the hell are you talking about?!?!? I find myself thinking the same thing.

Yet here we are.

2 years old and she wants to ask Santa for a trampoline. 🙂

I think he can manage that.

Merry Christmas everyone. Signing off for 2015.  Xxx


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