To Mand, Love Mand x

A letter I wish I could send myself 2 year’s ago…

You’ll have a girl.
She won’t sleep alone.
She’ll be a light sleeper.
She’ll sleep in your bed.
You will be judged for it. A lot.
You will come to love it.
Other mother’s will be smug.
You’ll be exhausted.
Your daughter will love her milk and food.
People will judge you for it.
She will test you every day and some days you’ll let her win for an easy life.
Your neighbour’s mum will tell you where you are going wrong.
People who don’t have children will tell you where you are going wrong.
She will make you smile every single day (even the days she is being the spawn of the devil.)
Your parents will judge you.
Don’t go to a baby café alone – it can be strangely isolating.
You’ll be great.
You’ll cry. Bat s*** crazy tears.
Google will tell you sleep is essential for your health, your beauty, her health and her development.
She will be the most advanced verbally in her peer group.
Don’t google so much.
You will wonder where she gets her boisterous nature from.
She won’t change even if you ‘train’ her to.
You will try controlled crying twice until it nearly breaks you.
You will hate Dan for minutes, days, sometimes a whole week.
You will love him in buckets loads when he has your back in public.
You will love him on a whole new level for loving your daughter.
You won’t remember anything.
You’ll lose items. Weekly.
You will ask yourself what noise a giraffe makes?
You will get asked if you’ll have another one? A lot.
You’ll want to punch someone in the face.
You’ll worry. Like never before.
You’ll watch her sleep.
You’ll watch videos of her when she isn’t there.
When she is there you will want some peace and quiet.
You’ll forget how to get dressed up and apply make-up.
You’ll age about 10 years.
It’s worth it. You are incredibly blessed.
Keep going. You’re doing great.

Stop questioning yourself as a parent, stop googling and put down your iphone!

Love Mand x


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