Chu Chu ……. Boo!

Get the train, he said.

I’ll pay, he said.

It’ll take the pressure off, he said.

This was my dad’s very kind offer to pay for the train as we all thought it would be easier with a toddler on the train from Bristol to Manchester.

1 train + 4 hours + 1 toddler + lots of strangers + the chocolate trolley + no naps = EXTREME STRESS

To be honest I was in the same camp as dad – it will take the pressure off with us both there to tend to our little angel (we’ll both be hands free to look after her, it will be a doddle).  *stupid women*

And just think how quintessentially British taking our little girl on the North West railway line watching the tumbling green hills whizz past. What fun we will have  – sticker books and colouring whilst pointing out sheeps and cows…

‘What noise does a cow make Freya?’


‘Yes that’s right well done. You’re so clever.’

In reality, all of the above did happen, however, it engaged her for all of 2mins, which left the other 3hours 58 mins to: –

Negotiate the fact that we were squeezed on two seats.

Telling her that trains are not a place to ‘play’ but for sitting on your chair – *ha* Q: tantrum number 67

Walk up and down the carriage whilst insisting on saying ‘hello’ to everyone (even the people that were trying to ignore her)

Bribing her with anything I had in my bag – milk, raisins, banana, C.H.O.C (yep I’m one of those parents).

It was exhausting. It was a mistake.

Note to self: –  Take the car. She’s strapped in. She can’t bug anyone. I can’t be mortified by her tantrums. She sleeps for ages.


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