#Out to lunch.

As a family we eat out for lunch a few times a month…not because we’re rolling in it but because: –

A: – the food mess is not made at home 🙂

B: – Freya is more inclined to eat happily when it’s a group activity.

C: – it’s nice to have a plan (and sit down) when we’re out and about.

As part of my work, (Soil Association), I am reviewing Giraffe restaurant in relation to their approach to kids and providing healthy meals on the menu. This is all to do with the #outtolunch campaign that asks parents (like moi) to review high street restaurants to see how they rate on food health for kiddywinkles.

Check out last year’s scores to see what restaurants got the thumbs up (and thumbs down)!

Before taking on this extremely serious task I never really thought about how ‘ethical’ restaurants were when it comes to sourcing their food (ignorance is bliss) or even to what extent little people are welcomed at restaurants.

What has been interesting is to shine a light on the difference of baby Vs no baby.

When I was baby free, restaurants were for adults. Tral – la – la – larrrrr! A place where fine wine flowed, nice italian pasta dishes filled the nostrils with garlic and scintillating conversation was paramount. Now restaurants have a list of requirements and conversation is erm…….repetitive!

‘Shall mummy take that? No, no, don’t throw it on the floor, pass to mummy’.

Restaurants are to families: A big fat obstacle.

If there isn’t enough room to get through the tables with the pram – just don’t go in. You will be hated. If it doesn’t have baby changing facilities – turnaround immediately.  You do not want to do this on the floor of the ladies (been there). 

Then there is the menu. In a world of fast food it’s hard to get away from CHIPS! Chips, chips everywhere. Chicken goujons and chips, sausages and chips, chips with chips.

In fact, if I sit down and think about it, I can’t think of a time when Freya has been welcomed by a food establishment AND been impressed by a varied, nutritious kids menu. Sad times.

Let’s see how Giraffe measures up….


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