Do you think she will be a Tomboy?

When asked this question recently, I was unsure. Unsure of even the definition of what a Tomboy was to see if it could be applied to my daughter.

Tomboy; a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.

Without sounding like I’ve swallowed an edition of ‘Feminism in the 21st Century’, but does this term even exist anymore?

In a larger sense, women, (not just small female people) shout just as loud as men in the office, in parliament, on the playing field.

They compete in ‘rough’ sporting challenges and team sports. (I add this as the women’s England football team recently just missed out on the World cup July 2015)

The types of activities that are ‘traditionally associated with boys’ I think has gone out the window. On the flip side, we have seen the dawning of an age where there is such a thing as ‘guy-liner’. Where men are now opting to be a stay at home Dad, raising the children and taking care of all the domesticated duties.

I digress.

As usual.

My little girl’s behaviour.

What I know:

She does like to make noise, whether that is banging a 20p against the shower glass door (that was annoying) and she can play extremely rough sometimes (the family members have the scratches to prove it). She doesn’t mind getting stuck into activities, getting messy, having lunch all around her face or even crawling all over wet grass!

She has an extremely caring nature, where she shares her food and always makes sure her baba has her ‘bot bot’. She is becoming ‘cuddly’ and says the word ‘kuggle’ when she wants a hug (or wants something and knows how to emotionally blackmail you). Anything that is classed as ‘bitty’ on the floor she picks up and says ‘dirty mummy’ and I have to remove it.

To conclude, she is who she is. She is neither a tomboy or a little lady and I wouldn’t change her for the world. 😉


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