Bad day huh?!

I think Freya’s had a personality transplant.

OR the ‘terrible two tantrums’ are brewing

OR….she’s having a bad day or more to the point a bad week.

She will throw something across the room (with real power, the girl has a mean right arm) then look at me…look at the item across the room and then…..meltdown. And when I say meltdown….REAL tears, rocking back and forth, inconsolable. When I try to comfort her I get a wild crazy NOOOO! as if what I’m suggesting is slightly barbaric (?)

Now, I keep reading the same thing…which is ‘when your baby can’t articulate his feelings he will become very frustrated’. Yes yes I see that…

‘tantrums arrive as your baby can’t rationalise his behaviour or wants’….yes yes again I can see what you’re saying…so what do I do….scroll down….

Yeah – it doesn’t say what to do. There’s no quick fix solution for this.

It doesn’t say ignore your baby see what happens? (which is what I tried) – nor try forcing calpol into their gob as s*** this must be pretty bad she must be in pain (that wasn’t fun for either of us and I ended up having it – yum!) try distracting them with a toy/Mr Tumble/singing (as predicted my singing only brought on an influx of more crying) Hmmm?

I’m all out of ideas. Any help much appreciated. Jo Frost> supernanny?

I feel like some crazy, emotionally unstable pea pod baby has taken over and I want the old one back. The old one was impatient and would go mad if I didn’t deliver the goods fast enough (by goods I obviously mean petit flous) but at least I knew where I stood.

Maybe I should just cut the girl a bit of slack and she’s got a lot on her plate right now and maybe, just maybe she’s having a crappy week.


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