Hola viejo amigos!

And by that I mean….hello old friends…

Yes you! – jeans that I wore pre-pregnancy.

Yes you! – bra size (I’ll not say – how dare you ask!) I’ve had since I was in my mid-twenties.

And Yes hello again – knickers that don’t look like a giant catapult.

This is just a little interjection of a blog to say, it’s true what they say: –

‘It takes a year to get your body back to normal.’

It’s strange, about a month before my year was up the rest of the ‘puppy fat’ just fell away. Like someone got a memo to my body a bit late saying; ‘Come on, the year’s nearly up!!!’

It is also reassuring to know that pregnancy, although it plays havoc with your mind, body and spirit – you get ‘home’ again.


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