You can’t keep a good woman down

More to the point you can’t keep my little woman down. Ha.

Baby training mark #2 – FAIL

And do you know what, yes we hired someone, yes we lost 2 weeks of our lives and yes we nearly fell apart doing it but I’ve come out of the other side smiling.

Is my little girl a happy, intelligent, bright, humorous, energetic healthy bean – yes. Does she sleep well in the nest of her mummy and daddy? Yes. Should I stop giving a s*** about what I’m supposed to do? Yes.

I could never understand that piece of advice that said; You can’t change the way people behave but you can change your attitude to it. This always bothered me. Throwing my moral compass in a chaotic spin. No! These people are awful, these people are wrong they need to be brought to justice, we can’t take this impassive route as if no one stood up for anything what state would the world be in?

However, I feel as though I have been trying to put Freya in a box, or to put it more accurately, a rectangle with white bars and grey star embroidery. She has, through bags of determination and a trolley load of strong-will got the message to me (after a year) that she doesn’t want to sleep there.

I have been writing about my worries, my concerns and somewhere along the line I have forgotten to concentrate on the positives. The web holds all this information and what I should be logging is you. Your uniqueness. Your wondrous development. Your personality which flourishes every day.


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