Tying shoelaces

So, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Now, as you will tell it is now January 2015, nearly a whole year since I had my little baby girl – madness. However what we are focusing on is the gap from my last blog and to this one. The reason: ZZZZzzzzzs.

As a family, we all rejected the CC method. I won’t even go into it. Freya hated it. We hated it and at some point we all hated each other for doing it, including ourselves.

I have been taking Freya to an Osteopath – ‘Laurasays’ (it’s just Laura but Dan got sick of me coming home and starting a sentence Laura says, we decided to rename her), as I was saying Laurasays that Freya due to her difficult birth had one hell of a traumatic entrance to the world and because of that, it built up tension in her neck which build up a lot of pressure = not a happy baby. I signed up for a course of 4 and she is like a different baby. I used to dread 4’o clock roll around (there is only so times you can say ‘Daddy’s coming home soon’.) but now she is a happy, contented little bean.

It turns out that Laurasays is also a sleep coach. What are the chances?


We need professional help I’m not ashamed to admit it.

We are half way in the ‘programme’ and it is going really well. It is a much softer approach, we stay with her, support her, show her we care whilst we teach her this new valuable life skill. To quote Laurasays you don’t just hand a kid a pair of shoes and say here go tie your laces. She speaks a lot of common sense it’s hard not to quote her!

Night 9 – she sleeps in her cot / she takes 15-20 minutes to put down / cries but we don’t pick her up / cries and can put herself back to sleep / wakes frequently in the night / still has water in the night / sleeps in our room / we shush or sing her back to sleep.

Night before sleep training started – she slept in our bed / we fed her to sleep / we’d rocked her if she woke up till late at night / we didn’t know when she would naturally fall asleep / I would go to sleep with her at 7pm / she woke frequently

During this time Freya has had tonsillitis, conjunctivitis , and a common cold so the progress we are making is by Laurasays standards ‘outstanding’.



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