Now, this title refers to CC or CIO method which can release ‘Toxic Stress’ in the baby’s brain.

Let me explain my acronyms to those of you who still have your sanity.

*Controlled Crying / *Crying it out — A method devised by Dr.Ferber (also referred to as Fiberising), where the baby is left to cry in order to learn how to self soothe without the assistance of a carer or sleeping aid i.e dummy.

I am tired people. Grumpy. Short of patience. Snarly. Unimpressed. Flat. Frustrated. Anxious. Did I say tired? Oh and also I’m completely LOSING MY MIND. My daughter (whose face lights up my whole entire world) is a bad sleeper. To those mums who are reading this who have excellent sleepers….don’t pity me. I don’t want your pity.

Freya is now 8 months old and relies on grub to get her off to sleep, a bad habit I fear I have installed and so now it is time for reprogramming. Tough love reprogramming.

Had you asked me 6 months ago if I would do controlled crying I would have thought it barbaric! Leave your child to cry? It’s practically a crime against nature. When I was young and naïve (2 months ago) I thought that all my baby needed for a good night’s sleep was cuddles and love and a sheep shaped soft toy called ‘Ewan’ that plays white noise;  I was wrong.

I write this blog today, (excuse the gap I have been A: Loving my child B: Missing my sleep C: Loving my child) as a desperate woman, one who is going to war tonight with her instincts. For the greater good. For Sanity.

Wish me luck. x


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