Up periscope

So I have surfaced…just…vomit stained, happy and weary. My little girl is here and she certainly has her mummy and daddy in a spin.

We are approaching week 7 and my my what a rollercoaster these past few weeks have brought.

I know what you all want to know…the burning question that is on all my friend’s lips…?

‘How was the birth??’ ‘Is it really as bad as they say?’

First of all I will pick up where I left off.

My last blog explained that ‘my show’ had come and I can tell you what happened after that…

NOTHING. Big fat NOTHING. This was not a highlight of pregnancy. I had told all the family and friends it’s happening soon, cancel all engagements, pack the hospital bag and let’s get everything ready for the babies arrival. She’s coming.

2 WHOLE WEEKS – waiting – like a watched pot that doesn’t boil – a pregnant women waiting for her waters to break.

Fear of going to the shops and going into labour. Fear of being so far away from the hospital that I’d have it in someone’s bathroom. Anxiety isn’t the word. Not to mention the turmoil of ‘will I cope?’ ‘how will I know?’ ‘what do contractions feel like?’ ‘how painful is it?’.

Turns out it didn’t come naturally…


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