Let me just make a phone call…

Seeing as I had time on my hands I thought I would go to the doctors. I wanted to make sure my body was up to scratch for ‘the big day’.

Much like a car, since becoming pregnant something breaks down in the engine regularly, it fixes itself and then something else goes wrong. I will look forward to getting my old motor back. The one that runs well.

So as I was having my mini MOT – the doc noticed that my blood pressure was high (not surprising stress levels were rising by this point) and my sample was showing signs of preeclampsia. What is this you say?


So the doctor just made a quick call to the hospital. She spoke to one nurse. And another and then finally another.

‘Amanda I’m going to have to ask you to go to the hospital. Just for a check up.’

Ok. This is what happens next and I can assure you it happened this fast.

I went to the hospital.

Checked for preeclampsia.

I don’t have preeclampsia but though whilst I was there I would show her a picture of something similar to that of my show I didn’t know what it was.

Could be my waters rupturing.

I have a scan.

My waters have ruptured.

I’m strapped up to a machine.

Nothing happens.

I read a book.

I’m booked in to be induced the next day.

THIS IS IT I’m HAVING MY BABY. The day is Wednesday. I’m getting induced on Thursday.



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