“Don’t go climbing Ben Nevis”

So…it has been all going on over the past few days…first signs, change of heart on where to have her, nesting instinct, total lack of sleep and house arrest.

We had our second antenatal class on Thursday of last week and from that day onwards it’s been mentally overwhelming.

Before, my days existed of what I like to call baby-land prep…’best changing bag’…’nursery colours’…reviews on Amazon on the best monitors (ooo Angelcare or TOMY digital etc), which formula to use if she doesn’t take my milk? ~ bidding for a baby bundle on ebay for £10 – oh how I wish I could go back to that. Safe zone.

On Friday morning, I had what they very politely call ‘my show’. I won’t go into detail as it will just be TMI – but it was one of those moments in life where everything changed. Is this really it? I took a picture (I know gross) and took to my midwife’s appointment that day.

I was being tested for gestational diabetes as from 2 weeks ago – I go to the toilet about 10-12 times a day, drink about 3 pints of water (unheard of) and have spots in front of my eyes and waves of exhaustion. All signs that it could be gestational diabetes.

So as I’m talking this through with the midwife…when is the right time to ask her for confirmation of my pic?!?

Midwife: When did you last have the spots?

Me: Erm only once on Weds when I stood up too fast.

Midwife: And have you had any pains?

Me: Well yes I had some period cramps at the antenatal class yesterday at the front and back…but…erm..actually more pressing than that I think ‘my show’ has come.

Midwife and junior midwife exchange an excited look!!!

Midwife: Ok what did it look like?

Me: Well…I actually have a photo but I know that is just miniging to show you.

Midwife: Believe you me, we have seen worse than ‘minging’ in our time.

As I get the photo up and show them, they both express genuine giddy excitement.

Midwife: Yes it is, well done for spotting as a lot of women miss this, it is a sign that everything is moving in the right direction.

Me: So labour could be round the corner??????

Midwife: It is a sign of pre-labour but it could be hours, days or weeks. What I will say is though don’t go anywhere too far…don’t go climbing Ben Nevis.

From that moment on….mentally it has all changed….it’s all very serious and real.

I’m going to go into labour and deliver this baby.

The question is……when?

36 weeks and 2 days.


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