Who doesn’t love tea and cake???

36 weeks.

So…I’ve finished work and the feeling was ‘odd’. It didn’t feel quite real apart from the embarrassing gathering around my desk for a card and present giving – which was very sweet and thoughtful of everyone involved. It now means that the next stage is coming…the scary unfamiliar phase of counting down till d-day. #31 days in counting.

I’ve worked since I was 16 (Saturday job at Clarks – my little girl will always have decent shoes!) and there was that blip in Sydney when I couldn’t get work when travelling but apart from that I’ve always ‘gone to work’. Will I be bored? So far, not so much as expected…I’ve got antenatal appointments, midwife appointments, a couple of mummy friends who I am meeting for lunch or tea and cake to show this mum-to-be what it’s all about AND full blown baby organisation (that’s been v.fun).

Let’s see how we get on…

Will I go crazy being in the house a lot?

Will I miss adult banter in the office?

Will I absolutely love it and pledge a lifetime of being a stay at home mum?

What else has been going on over the past couple of weeks: –

Gestational diabetes check / Antenatal Classes / Lists Lists Lists / Nursery decoration (eek) / Mother-in-law superstitions.


2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love tea and cake???

  1. So are you going crazy yet? I know the gathering round the desk thing was embarrassing – but inevitable ’cause we think you’re great and we miss you already.

    1. Not going ‘twiddly thumb’ crazy as I thought…but panic crazy…feel like a ticking bomb! Thank you again for the card and gifts very sweet. I miss the (good) Future peeps. Hope the move went well. xxx

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