There’s only one Braxton I want to know about…

…and her name is Toni. I listened to the album ‘Secrets’ on repeat when I was young.

33 weeks.

It is New Year’s Eve and I thought I would go out for a couple of early drinks and come back to see the New Year in with Dan. The bump is getting heavy to carry around and i’m averaging out at 2 baths a day. Why? Cos’ it feels good and it’s the Christmas holidays so I can!

However, it’s about 4ish, Dan is happily playing music and painting the nursery (went with Natural Hessian – there will be enough pink to sink Barbie’s ship!) and there is an ache in my stomach. Hmmn?

It feels like acid heartburn at the top of the bump. Google…

History: –

Braxton Hicks contractions are named after the English doctor who first described them. In 1872, John Braxton Hicks investigated the later stages of pregnancy and noted that many women felt contractions without being near birth.[2] This process was usually painless but caused women confusion as to whether or not they were going into actual labour.

Now, I know what you are thinking it’s nothing. It can’t be this. Calm down it’s just a pain. But then, I read other mum’s inserts and the description was similar. My stomach at the top of the bump went all hard and then there was a very slight uncomfortable tightening down below. Practice contractions but ever so slightly and nothing compared to the real thing I’m sure.

However…it gave me a glimmer of D-day…I saw how the real thing might play out…visions of going to the hospital – the bag isn’t 100% packed. Dan doesn’t know my birth plan (do I even know my birth plan?!) Dan’s mum has the moses basket as it is superstitious to have in our house (when will we get this?!) I haven’t bought the job lot nappies yet.

They soon disappeared but it was a wake up call – you can never be organised enough for little one.

Get cracking.

*Thanks to Wikipedia for Braxton Hicks.


2 thoughts on “There’s only one Braxton I want to know about…

  1. I’ve had this once I think – and it was really alarming at first! Once I read about it and decided it was Braxton Hicks, I felt better, but it was a bit of a shock! I’ve read that you can get them as a result of not drinking enough water. Might be rubbish, but I was quite dehydrated on the day I had it, and I haven’t had one since. Worth considering!

  2. They are really weird aren’t they? Although on the water front I’ve got excessive water consumption at the mo’, wee’ing LOADs and I’m knackered – looked it up and I’ve now scared myself I have gestational diabetes!!!! 1 in 5 pregnant ladies get it…got a midwife app on Fri so we’ll see what she says. Every week really does bring something new… : )

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