Pram Hell

So you might remember that I went to a Baby Show a few months back with mum. 1 hour around the show we totally got sucked in. The demo man made one pram in particular (Mee-go pramette – new to market) do this and that.

You press this button and pop – ooohhh

You pull this leaver and whizz….ahhhhh

You clip this here and it transforms to this – wow!

We’ll take it.

It has since been delivered to mums (bad luck to have at our house) and after me, dad and mum (yes 3 adults) attempted to build it, for the life of us couldn’t work it. For a start I can’t even remove the carrycot from the chassis without growing an extra arm. Not possible.

The carrycot itself is way too shallow, the hood doesn’t want to click to the frame and the fact that you merely push the bottom in and it becomes a toddler seat doesn’t instil me with confidence. The chassis on the other hand still remains the easiest one to dismantle, pop back up and the lightest.

It is safe to say, after returning it (credit note – boo) and through fear of wasting my mum’s hard earned cash I have become (a raving lunatic) knowledgeable in the area of prams.

In fact a woman obsessed is more to the point, I perv on prams as they stroll past, my eyes hunting for the make like I’m taking some sort of mental tally, I watch you tube demonstrations at night, reviews have become light reading, I go in shops and insist I work everything, up, down, twist and round without demos.

I can tell you that in December 2013 – the top prams that people (word of mouth, shop assistants, website best sellers, reviews) love are: –

1. iCandy Strawberry

2. Bugaboo – Cameleon

3. Quinny – Buzz

4. Oyster

5. UPPAbaby Vista

6. Mamas and papas Sola

7. Mothercare Orb

I have tried and tested all but 5+6 – the others have been ruled out.

Wishlist: –

Four wheels / Easy to remove carrycot (smooth transition) / Easy to find the buttons to remove the carrycot / pushchair / car seat / Easy to dismantle and pop back up / Doesn’t do my back in to lift it and fits in little car / Decent basket / Has a decent pushchair seat so I don’t end up getting another pushchair when it’s no longer a little baba / Dan is happy with it as well for Daddy time.

Buying a car and a house was easier! Hands down. At this rate – little bubba will be house bound.


3 thoughts on “Pram Hell

  1. Haha – a pram perv!! That is exactly what I am! I get really weird looks from mothers as I tilt my head sideways to try to read the make of the pram on the side as they go past. I even stopped someone in the street the other day to ask her whether she would recommend the pram she has… I am obsessed!!

    1. It’s bad isn’t it – I do exactly the same!!! Before I used to check out other women’s outfits – now their prams!!! Oh dear how times have changed.
      Not weird at all asking if they would recommend. I grill everyone at work who has had babies. Have you decided??? I’m going Kiddicare tonight as they have a test track apparently – I feel so fussy but I don’t think my wishlist is crazy?!?! 🙂 loving your blog btw!

      1. Ahh thank you – have now followed yours too! I *think* I’m going for a Baby Jogger City Mini GT. They do a 4 wheel version too but can’t remember what it’s called. It’s really small and light and the easiest thing ever to put up and down – would be worth a look. Don’t know if Kiddicare have them…John Lewis is the only place I’ve found to try it out. Good luck!!

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