Switch off.

28 weeks + 4 days

Now for a woman it is very hard to switch off – given that one simple train of thought can be like so….

What shall I do for dinner tonight? What protein did I have last night? Chicken – can’t have chicken again – maybe go for mince – but then that would be cottage pie or lasagne and how long is the prep time there bout 45 mins? No – what about lamb koftas – mmm garlic and parsley oil – yes but I don’t have the silver skewers that you need – ooh sausage and mash that’s easy – I’ll get the stuff on the way to Boots at lunch to get some kirby grips and hair bobbles (why am I always buying them?) – and there’s a sale on at Urban Outfitters still and I’ve got that voucher from my birthday – (is it in my purse? How much is still on it?) So, sausage…onion…

This all takes place in 5-10 seconds and it’s just one question.

For the past 3 weeks I have been attending Aqua Harmony mainly to avoid becoming a cabbage what with pgp / spd, but now, it has become my sanctuary, my time to just forget everything that life demands.

You submerge yourself in the heated pool that then takes some of the weight you carry around with you (mental and physical), the lighting comes from soft spotlights that alter in colour ever so subtly and you are in a circle of other lovely pregnant ladies that are going through exactly the same thing as you.

The teacher is welcoming, calming and there is no pressure whatsoever. You are given a floating foam tube that they call a ‘wobble’ and the teacher takes you through some gentle exercises with the use of the floatation.

There is one particular part in the class ‘reflection’; where you just float with your eyes closed listening to the idle splashes of water. Heaven.

Happy mummy and baby.In other news: –

*I am starting to think about antenatal classes

*Starting to put a birth plan together

*Dan went in a Mothercare with me for the first time

*I have felt you hiccup!

*I’ve had anti d treatment, flu jab and whooping cough – no more now.


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