You’re cooked! Ping.

I’m on belly button watch. As the bump starts to take on its own gravity force I’m constantly looking at the pressure on the belly button and thinking when is it going to pop out?!

I’m eating like an absolute beast, except a large plate of food now is a bit daunting as there isn’t much space going on in there…a heavy mix of organs, bones and baby (and gas!)

She is a healthy little bubba though as she is obsessed with PEARS at the moment – I can’t get enough…I wait until the skin is semi soft when you push on it, I then know that it becomes a juicy, ripe, succulent pear. So juicy that it’s a messy affair down either side of your cheek and all over your fingers.  Mmmmnnn!

The one as well which is terrible is….lager! Don’t judge me, as I don’t mean I crack open a four pack every night, but when Dan has an ice cold can I have a sip and it taste amazing. Chilled to perfection it’s so refreshing, with tingling bubbles on the tongue and a more-ish metallic after taste. Strange I know.

I have read up on women eating washing powder (what the hell?) and coal…

It’s not that weird.

Grumbles… pgp persists like a horrible under the skin spot that keeps on coming back…I do my exercises it goes away and then it eases…two days later BAM it’s here again with vengeance.

What else is going on week 25 – 26: –


*Heart racing

*I can’t put socks on anymore

*I can’t bend down to pick up the salon bottle of shampoo I bought from TKMaxx that was going to be so ‘economically worthwhile’.

*Started to buy baby clothes – eek!

*Nursery furniture has been bought by MIL no pressure aka lots of pressure.


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