You’ve got what?!?

Sarah: An STD???
Me: No s.P.d!
Sarah: Hold on I’ll pass you to my mum (who is a physio trained in maternity problems)
Lyndsey: You’ve got pelvic girdle pain?!
Me: Yes
Lyndsey: Oh Milly Molly!
Me: I know!

So for those of you who don’t know what pelvic girdle pain is listen up here comes the science: –

When you are pregnant your body produces a hormone called ‘relaxin’ (see what they did there) and my body has produced too much of this stuff so that my pelvic bones have softened too much causing a change in weight and my poor old back is taking the strain.

The pain began on Friday and by Saturday it was just mental and I only felt comfortable lying on my back (no rude jokes). So, after the obligatory text to all fellow pregnant peeps mummy Michelle replied with one cool calm and collected diagnosis ‘sounds like pelvic pain’. And after ticking all the symptom boxes she was bang on the money…PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) or SPD (Symphysis Pelvic Dysfunction)

Symptoms Include: –

*Lower back pain
*Pain on standing
*Feeling far happier with legs parallel to hips – i.e lay down.
*Pain on turning over in bed (ouch yes!)
*Pressure from the baby going South – explains the weeing every 10 mins instead of every hour!

So far, my pregnancy has been relatively easy, yes the tiredness was horrible in the first bit and every week brings with it a new minor phase (feeling sicky, dizziness, leg cramps, headaches, tears!) but they have all been live-able.

The midwife has told me no excess walking, or standing for long period of time, rest as much as possible, stand correctly, sleep with a pillow between my legs, do these exercises, don’t swim breast-stroke, keep knees together at all times.

Goodbye mobility. It was fun whilst it lasted.

Monday: feeling pretty fed up and worried I will become some sort of fat horrible cabbage.

If you are a sufferer of this (1 in 4 are apparently) then do buy a maternity pillow they are amazing and become your new best friend I have named mine: Paul, after my first best friend. A support belt is also the best thing since slice bread and feels like a tummy bra! (I’ll upload a picture of this oh its sexy!) Both I got from Mothercare (Support belt £35 and the pillow on offer £15).


2 thoughts on “You’ve got what?!?

  1. You are doing great and expect a miracle you gonna give to earth. My aunt is experiencing the same problems , she is bit overweight and next week she is expecting.

    1. Thanks for the words of reassurance Raj. I feel for your Aunt – it sucks! She is so close the lucky thing! Good luck for her d-day – a new little member of the family 🙂

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