Grandma has “falves” !!

Ok I wish I was like mother earth and embraced the changes of my body each week, however I can only liken pregnancy at the moment to old age.

It comes with: –

*A constant need for a nap.

*Weak bladder (have to think about long journeys now)

*Making impromptu noises like ‘ouph’ and ‘ahhh’ when I get up from a couch or when I lie horizontal on the bed (bliss).

*Taking extra care when going up and down the stairs (I no longer run and hold on to the banister)

*I feel a little bit spaced out and can’t quite remember my train of thought.

*AN ABUNDANCE OF GREY HAIRS – after being spooked about miscarriage in the first trimester and the damages of ‘chemicals’ I decided to let my hair go au natural – as soon as the second trimester hit I gave in after a lot of cheeky white hairs winked at me in the car rear view mirror.

The new phase I approach for old age / pregnancy is: – lower back ache and calve pain.

 I feel as though I have walked a thousand miles over hard stone every day. The swelling has seemed to bypass the ‘cankles’ and decided to monopolise both my calves – ‘falves’ if you like (fat + calves)

 They feel so solid. So much so that I yanked the bottom of my maternity jeans up the other day and spent the best part of 10 minutes cutting off my circulation trying to get them back down. The phrase ‘stuffing sausage meat’ springs to mind. 

 In other news, daddy has felt you move and he was so happy as up until now little alien you’ve just been communicating to me through wiggles, kicks and belly pain.

 Since then though, I feel you move, call him and you always stop when his hand is there…  


18 weeks and 4 days till I meet you!  – COME ON!



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