To baby show or not to baby show?

That is the question. 19 weeks 2 days.

 There is a baby event in Manchester this weekend and I thought now I’m comfortable getting to grips with all this baby malarkey,  let’s go and get it all together in one room. Kapow! 

 Mum has said put her down for the pram (hero) and at these shows there are supposed to be decent discounts. I’ve been to enough shows in my time to know that the best times are at the end where they can’t be bothered to take the stock back so flog it cheap.

 They say word of mouth is still the strongest form of marketing so what I have heard on the babyvine so far (prams and other info people naturally impart): –

 You must get one that is 3 in 1 so you don’t disturb the baby when he /she is sleeping and you can unclip it. Got it.

 The quinny is really popular but it hasn’t got a lot of shopping storage. Got it. Try bugaboo or iCandy. 

 When buying a bottle warmer it must be the same brand as the bottle or else they won’t fit. Clever.

 Get a REAR facing seat when bringing the baba home from the hospital. Gotcha. 

 Breast pump and nipple pads – I don’t even want to think about. Yuk! The word ‘seepage’ makes me want to heave.

 But I am excited to shop for the little one now I’m coming up to that 5 month mark. I haven’t bought diddlysquat yet so I’m going to try and have some fun!

Note to self: try to stop worrying that something will go wrong with the pregnancy and you will be left with all this stuff. 


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