Place your bets now….

18 weeks 4 days.

So in exactly 10 days time I will know if it’s a little footballer kicking about in there or a little ballerina practising her twirls.

However I, as the baby carrier, am CONVINCED that it’s a little boy. Why you say? I have no idea. I thought on scan number 2 it looks like a boy – it’s head is massive (like daddy’s) and plus when I walk into the baby section of a clothes store (I do that now without feeling like an imposter) I don’t even have the slightest interest to look at girl stuff as there is just no point.

“Fun” chats that me and Dan are having (Dan and I as my Dad would correct me): –

 *‘finance’ chat – how will we ever survive on SMP?! Are you kidding me?!

*‘I’m too tired for you to expect the same level of house tidying as before’ chat

*’I’m not sure I want to get romantic if the baby can hear’ chat 

 The genuine fun one: – baby names…..!

I would like it to have ‘Arthur’ as a middle name after my dad so something that goes before that…and we are struggling!

Why are there so many lovely girls names but no nice boy names – they are so hard.

You need something strong, yet relaxed, cute but manly. We’re toying with Isaac / Jacob / Noah – but not really sold on any. Maybe we need to see its squishy little face before we decide but I will be so out of it I could make a major error in the state of hysteria that the poor kid will have for the rest of its life. 

Elijah? No

Samuel? No

Alfie? Dan doesn’t like.  


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