Pumping and Pulsing…

17 weeks and 2 days.

 So last night I was in uncomfortable pain – the pain you get when you are so constipated that you feel that your belly is being pumped up with air and your body and skin can’t quite keep up. Ouch.

 I decided that kneeling down on the floor of my kitchen and leaned over was the best way to approach this aching with a rug wrapped around me for warmth and comfort. If I had a cardboard sign and a pot next to me I think I could have made a quick bob. The temperature has dropped now, goodbye sweet summer you have been kind and I’m sorry body and baby I didn’t make the decisions.

 After an hour or so sitting I thought I should probably look this up online and as always this is completely normal lots of women are saying that they have really achey pains in their stomach – this is caused by ligament pains and the uterus stretching (mmm nice!) so all good in the hood. Phew! I can recommend that a hot bubble bath eased the pain greatly, I almost felt the baby give a sigh of relief as I sank in. 


 So the other night, I was on the couch and Dan had his hand on my belly and I said ‘Can you feel that’?

 He said: ‘No – what?’

 Me: ‘That little pulsing – feels like a regular little tug of something’

 Dan: ‘No’

 Hmmmmn – I didn’t know for sure – could have just been a bit of gas, so again off I go online and guess what???? It’s you!!!! I feel you!!!! The feeling is like a pulse or you tugging on something inside me – it doesn’t hurt it is similar to that of going over a hill quickly or a twitch.


Whatever you are doing in there – mama feels you and now this week you hear me.

 No more singing in the car. 


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