Hasta Luego Bras!

I’ve fallen slack with the blogs and I’ve had so much to blog about!

 Tiny bit of spotting and emergency call to doctors – all was fine and found out you now can call 111 if it isn’t an emergency so that was helpful.

 Mother in law has been picking out nursery furniture and baby clothes (aaaah too soon!)

 And I have started to look at parts of my wardrobe in a whole new light….

 For example: Bras that were a bit ‘pinchy’ before – I think wow I won’t see you for a year and a half I may as well bin you off! Especially as I lost the matching briefs about 4 years ago!

 Dresses that still have the label on have become my ‘post goal dresses’ and high heels might as well retire to the back of the wardrobe.

 What has been my saviour and I know it’s not a revelation to all new mums but: LEGGINGS! What a god send and they hide the bulge. I am now at the inbetween stage (14 weeks) where I’ve popped out a little bit out but it could still be misunderstood as a beer belly / sturdy gut and they all sing ‘who ate all the pies’.  

 I also had a labour freak out last night and tried to ‘share my thoughts and feelings with my partner to bring you closer together.’

 Me: ‘I’m getting a bit freaked out about motherhood – mainly the labour and that my body will never be the same again.’

 Dan: ‘Lot’s of people have done it before you and they’ve been fine.’


Not. The. Right. Thing. To. Say.


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