No Highlighters Silly….

First NHS scan at St Micheal’s Hospital in Brizzle and I’ve got to say I wasn’t impressed.

I don’t want to moan again (moan warning) but the letter you receive from the NHS is probably one of the most coldest and patronising I have ever received during what is, I think, one of the most precious and warm occasions of my life to date!

For starters – they send out a written letter (emphasis on written) so they are assuming (I say assume as given the clientele in the waiting room I’m not so sure) that the receiver can read.

I can.

However, they feel the need to WRITE THE IMPORTANT THINGS IN SHOUTY CAPITALS. I don’t need for the letters to be bigger in order for them to be read….and the best bit THEY THEN HIGHLIGHT THE SHOUTY TEXT JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN’T TAKE NOTICE WHEN THEY SHOUTED IT.

Signed off – admin clerk.

It didn’t get much better….hospitals make me feel light headed at the best of times so there was a quick dash to the toilet to splash cold water over my colourless face.  

In the sonographer’s room – the very young but extremely trendy (funky dark large glasses with full bright rouge lips) had a frown on her face the whole time, sometimes turned the screen to herself and didn’t point out anything until I had to say: –

Me: ‘Oh, is that the heartbeat?’

Sonographer: ‘Yes it is.’

Me: ‘Can I hear it?’

Sonographer: ‘No, this screening is an initial check you will at your next one.’

She then, pushed really hard back and forth. She couldn’t get a decent image of the bubba and you could feel her annoyance growing and she mainly talked about the cyst found previously.

Sonogrpaher: ‘Does your right side hurt?’

Me: ‘No.’ <<but you using my stomach like a stress ball kind of does>>

Me: ‘Is everything ok?’

Sonographer: ‘Yes.’

I have to say it was poor dialogue, I was starting to feel really uncomfortable and I wanted to see my baby properly. She wiggled the contraption over my stomach as my bubba wasn’t enjoying it either he/she kept on flipping round when she was there – we even saw the liittle one failling it’s arms in the air as if in protest. We did see the arms and legs and feet though and the lips come up really well on the screening so little ray of beautiful light flashing through. It was over and we have a scan pic <<coming soon>>.

The next worry: Down Sydrome testing. – I now have to wait to see how likely I am my baby has down’s. What if it does? What choices would we make? Further testing is way more invasive and I don’t want another stranger poking at my little cub.

—-IN BETTER NEWS—– 12 WEEK HURDLE COMPLETE – let’s tell the world!!!!





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