On the big screen.

Wow. What a moment. My first scan.

So up until now  – I had wee’d on two sticks, then told close family and friends (as we know) and that was about it. I hadn’t had loads of symptoms and so kept frantically googling ‘not feeling pregnant at 8 weeks is this normal?’ – to which thank you so much google there were many crazy women out there who had gone through the same thing and all was fine.

On what had to be the hottest day of the summer – in the UK (what is going on with this summer?) I read that is has been the driest July for 188 years! What?! Makes me grateful that I will be big and heavy in the winter. Anyway, I digress; I end up parking all round the back of Clifton which is so far removed from where we live I actually feel as though I am abroad! I stagger up the hills to the medical centre to find Dan waiting for me – his face red and his shirt ‘dewy’.

I say “medical centre”, but this place was like a Victorian house with its extravagant décor still in tack. The waiting room along with its crystal chandelier, dainty peach sofas and grand mantelpiece could easily be a set on Downton Abbey. We were greeted by a lovely smiley nurse Elaine, who said hello to me and Dan and then did the paperwork….then up the stairs we went….

…I walked into a lovely side room with the sonographer waiting for me, Jane. On the bed, she squeezed the gel out on my stomach and it was bliss in this heat.

Jane: ‘Ok Amanda I’m just going to push firmly on your stomach and there might not be anything to see initially as the screen shifts so don’t be alarmed if I’m quiet.

(I’m automatically alarmed).

5 seconds later, there is it, my sac clearly on the screen and in it – my little kidney bean. As clear as day.

She zooms right in and there it is….my little Alien’s heartbeat.

You would think at this moment I would be blubbing my heart out but I was just so amazed – she zoomed in on the heart beat and turned up the volume until you could see the sounds beating on screen – that was when I started blubbing!!! Elaine held my ankle and Jane congratulated me and Dan.

What an amazing memory. I will never forget it and it is the best money I have ever spent.


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