Telling the folks and pals.

Ok – so – off I went back to Manchester to tell the rents. Mum and Dad are itching to be grandparents and spoil my dad’s best friend’s daughter’s daughters every time they visit. Pictures up all over the house and coasters in every room of their ever changing faces. It will be nice to come clean It’s been hard keeping it to ourselves (although kinda nice too – baby bubble).

First time in a while actually that I felt ‘like me’ – no extreme exhaustion and queasiness. Score!! And the sun was shining – double whammy.

I arrive. Dad’s in the shower. Come on!!! Come on!!! Come on!!! They are both seated.

Me: Mum ask me that question you asked a minute ago?

Mum: You want anything to eat?

Me: No, the other question….!!!

Mum: Any news?

Me: I’m pregnant.

This is where I had envisaged – shock but enthused joy and smiles and tears and hugs and ‘our little baby is having a baby’. In reality. Silence. Dad’s mouth became a human fly trap. No word of a lie. Jaw dropping.

Dad: Is this a joke?

Me: Erm no.

More silence…. Followed by a few questions of ‘is it planned?’ – ‘ can you afford it?’ (in actual truth hadn’t really contemplated the latter but lied and said yes) – ‘what does Dan think?’ – ‘you’ve just got a kitten’.

I also then had a serious discussion on the fact that it is early days yet and there can be complications. All of which I STRESS ABOUT EVERY TIME I GOOGLE!!!! But yes, mother, thank you for pointing this out.

In fairness, it was a shock to me and so they needed time. I did however state, ‘I need positivity right now, I am aware of the dangers and if something negative happens then I will be negative up until then I will be positive’. This has since worked and mum keeps texting with smiley faces and calling me ‘preggie’.

Then comes sister and friends – I had tears, smiles, hugs, advice, symptom sharing. However all of them completely shocked.

I must omit here, that I am 30 years old ( in August), in a full time job, in a house with a spare room and in a loving and committed relationship with a man I hope will propose one day (hope he doesn’t see this so he does it when he wants!!!) I’m not sure why this is such a shock to everyone (?). Could it be I’m not the natural motherly type?????


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